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So, I was poking around my room today.

I find a half deconstructed pirate set of legos involving a treasure chest and a lifeboat.

Naturally, I start fiddling with all of this, attempting to turn the lifeboat into something of an airship.

Then I discover I wanted more parts for what I wanted to do.

I had two space ships laying around that I had to dig out of junk on a shelf.

This is one of them

This was the other.

As I took them apart, I started to discover how much attention to detail I had as I worked. Both of them had sort of sections reserved for power sources, and the red one had a lot of junk thrown into the back hatch, presumably so I wouldn't lose it or something.

A good example of what I mean, as this one was easier to see once I started to take it apart. The red one had a similar set up involving a transparent orange box and a crystal inside it.

Both ships together so you get an idea of how big they are.

Given I made them like eight, nine, or maybe even ten years ago, the fact that they held together this long is astonishing. The bigger astonishing fact was how much of a bitch they were to take apart. So I apparently tended to make fairly solidly built ships.

It was also showing me how much I missed playing with legos.

But you're wondering how turning the pirate lifeboat into an airship went, aren't you?

Well. The real question is...

Do ya think the sharks are a little much?

Rear view.
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